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Agency's Responsibilities

Inspection and quality control

We conduct inspections at various stages of construction to ensure compliance with approved plans, building codes, and safety regulations. These inspections may cover aspects such as structural integrity, electrical wiring, plumbing, fire safety measures, and accessibility standards.

We also enforce quality control measures to ensure that materials and construction methods meet required standards. This can involve verifying the quality of materials used, checking adherence to approved construction techniques, and monitoring workmanship.

Post Construction Audit

By conducting thorough assessments after construction is completed, we help to safeguard the interests of the community and ensure that construction projects are carried out responsibly and in accordance with established regulations and standards.

Enforce of Building Control

As regulatory authorities, we ensure that construction activities comply with relevant building regulations, codes, and standards. This enforcement is crucial for safeguarding public safety, promoting sustainable development, and maintaining the quality of the built environment.

If violations of building regulations are identified during inspections or through other means, regulatory authorities take enforcement actions to address non-compliance. This may involve issuing stop-work orders to halt construction until the issues are resolved, imposing fines or penalties on responsible parties, or requiring corrective measures to be taken to bring the project into compliance.

Public enlightenment on Building

Educating the general public about various aspects of construction, building regulations, safety standards, and sustainable development practices. This aims to increase awareness, understanding, and compliance with building-related regulations and requirements, ultimately contributing to safer, more resilient, and sustainable built environments.